• “Recently Dr. Sheila Amon was recommended to me through a friend. Unfortunately, before we ever physically met I suffered a disc herniation that caused debilitating low back/leg pain and i was pretty much unable to function normally. Upon notifying her (through phone conversations), Dr. Amon guided me through the proper network of medical professionals and the process involved to quickly treat and resolve the injury. This was done in a professional and truly heartfelt manor that went above and beyond a reasonable amount of patient care (and I wasn’t even her patient!) Since this time I have referred my wife to Dr. Amon for chiropractic care and my wife raves about her and her response to treatment. In fact she speaks so highly of her that I have actually gone and met her! I would highly recommend Dr. Amon as a medical professional who stands out in a field that talks the talk of “patient first” but doesn’t always walk the walk.” (Rob Harris)
  •  “Great individual to be associated with her professional services and care. Would reommend to anybody who needs therapy with muscles and/or back pain.” (Stephen Poh)
    • “I’ve known Sheila for more than 20 years. She is a competent, caring, sensitive and intelligent woman. She creates a comfortable, relaxed and productive healing environment for her patients. Moreover, her knowledge of chiropractic and conventional medicine combines to create the best possible outcomes for her clients. I recommend Sheila without reservation.” (BB)


  • For several years I looked for relief from increasing pain and decreasing mobility. Several internists and an arthritis specialist offered me pain medication and called it either arthritis or sciatica. I tried alternative medicine: nutrition, acupuncture and massage and then chiropractic intervention. Everything helped, for a while. But Dr. Amon went a step further. She ordered X-rays. She evaluated my movement. Dr. Amon is an excellent diagnostician. Her concern and expertise led me to a surgeon who will do a complete hip replacement. I am looking forward to surgery. The prognosis is excellent and I am confident because I will continue to be under the care of Dr. Amon during the recovery process. She is a capable and dedicated healer and she has already changed my life for the better. The surgeon expects that I will have complete mobility in a few months. With Dr. Amon overlooking my recovery there is no doubt about it.  (Susan Henry)
  • I have taken both of my infants to Dr Amon for the treatment of torticollis.  She has changed their lives, she did for them in 4 visits what would have taken a physical therapist months to correct, and allowed them to move freely and meet all of their milestones.   Dr. Amon is an amazing person and an amazing doctor you can trust her and I will continue to see her for any chiropractic needs I have. (Larisa)


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